Proyecto EDIA. Inglés en Secundaria

Proyecto EDIA. Inglés en Secundaria

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English in my daily life (1º E.S.O.)

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My town

Video clip to promote our city or village

Give directions and ask questions to get somewhere. Present simple

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A sport journalist

Interviewing an athlete

Present simple / comparative adjectives / past tense / ask and answer questions

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A cookbook

Magazine of recipes

Present simple, write commands, and how to deal with data of a survey 

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The history of my family

Poster about the history of our family

Past event and past tenses, family relationships vocabulary 

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Designing an advert

Multimedia campaign to advertise a product

Express ability and comparison

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3R’s Campaign
Christmas around the world
Improvements in the school
A radio program
A book of tales

What a digital world! (2º E.S.O.)

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Apps & Games

Video tutorial on an app or game

Present simple sentences. Modals of obligation, prohibition and advice

Giving instructions, asking questions, making suggestions


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Safer internet

Flyer promoting a safer use of the Internet

Present Simple and Past Simple basic sentences

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Your first CV

Personal videocurriculum

Express likes and dislikes / Give and ask information

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A TV program

Record a TV magazine program

Present continuous. Past Simple & Present Perfect
Asking questions
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Writing a newspaper
Becoming a cinema director
Our country EXPO

English Speaking Cities (3º E.S.O.)

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Opinion article

Present simple / advers of frequency / How often?

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Poster about sports and hobbies

Present continuous / advers of possibility / Relative pronouns

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Design and record an interview

Past simple / past continous / end-ing adjectives

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Multimedia campaing to protect the environment

Comparatives and Superlatives / Countable and uncountable nouns /Quantifiers

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A report about good recycling habits

Present perfect: affirmative & negative, 'just' , 'never', 'ever'

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New York

An infography about relevant facts of our biography

Present Perfect with "yet" and "already","for" & "since"

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Video about five predictions about the future in the year 2050

Future tenses / Probability with "will, may, might (not), won't" /

First Conditional tense in English

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Los Angeles

Video about one aspect of the American way of life

Infinitives and Gerunds / 'have to / don't have to' / 'Be going to' structure

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Digital presentation to travel to a Canadian city with a Budget

Second Conditional /  'should' and 'ought to' / 'Had better' structure

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Design and record a podcast about a topic of our interest

Passive voice: present simple and past simple / Question tags

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Consulta y utiliza los REAs en desarrollo

Puedes acceder a los recursos educativos que aún no han sido publicados y comenzar a trabajar con ellos.

Solo tienes que pinchar en el enlace "Proyecto EDIA Inglés Secundaria" y accederás a las carpetas que incluyen las disitintas versiones de los REA que estamos desarrollando.

Podrás descargar el .elp con la ultima versión del proyecto para trabajar con él. Además, en la carpeta "Rúbricas" tendrás todos los generados específicamente para el proyecto.

Consulta, descarga, adapta, crea. Utiliza los REAS del #proyectoEDIA y ayúdanos con tus aportaciones. ¡Compartiendo ganamos todos!

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